Mission «Living Stone» is voluntarily organization, began its existence in 1998, when Aleksey Ananenko prayed Lord about the Divine seeing and leadership of Holy Spirit in further service.
God specified him, that he must organize a prayer group for parents, whose children are in the places of imprisonment, uses drugs and alcohol. Parallel with opening of the prayer group, Aleksey began the sermon of Gospel, preaching on parking, walking from house to house, in the parkas and on a bay. God specified also, that it is necessary to go to prisons.
Our purpose - to carry the word of God to many prisoners in America and other countries of the world, and also to caution young people from the pernicious consequences of sin and remind them of importance of the following Christ and wonderful blessings which it brings. Together with it, we support missionaries, poor, needing constantly, orphans, widows, lepers, homeless, patients in such countries, as: Ghana, Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Gama, Burundi, Philippines, Russia, India, Ukraine.
From 1998 we visit and conduct work more than in 10 prisons of America. From 2004 we closely co-operate with the American mission "Prisoners for the Christ", that enables to go out on international service in such countries as Africa, India and Russia.
Living Stone - is a mission which goes there, where the Lord Jesus sends them. We carry service in prisons of city Snohomish, and also in clinks of Africa and Philippines - where Lord opened doors for the sermon of Gospel.
Those people which got in the places of imprisonment - so much defeated spiritually.  Many of them are dependency upon drugs and other addictions. We go to them and carry God’s Word which is able to free them.
We carry a new about Him, Who frees, real freedom, which must be outlived. We preach Christ that is alive; Who releases from power of sin, gives sense of life, and it is the most important new for any man.
Lord changes a man which opens Him the heart. But for some people, appears, it was needed to get in prison, to hear Good New.  Yes, Lords ways are inscrutable. We do not know why something like this happens, but one is right:
Our God is living and He reaches people even in places their conclusions!
On the pages of our site you will meet with work of mission the "Living stone" and will become the witnesses of great and unusual God’s causes, which He accomplishes wit the power of the Holy Spirit of in our days. And His name will be blessed!



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